5 Root Canal Myths Debunked

Root canals are often associated with pain and infection. However, the reality is entirely different. If you choose an experienced dentist, you will find that the root canal is a quick and pain-free procedure that avoids the need for teeth extraction.

2 mins read Jan 18th

Unfortunately, there are various myths and misinformation about the root canal, making people anxious about having it treated. We have picked the top 5 myths that are quite prevalent online. Let’s debunk these myths now…

  1. Root Canal is Painful

One of the biggest fears among people is that the root canal process itself is incredibly painful. As we mentioned above, this is not true at all. When a tooth is contaminated or inflamed, pain that generally arises is not from the root canal procedure itself. To make the treatment wholly pain-free and relaxed, dentists administer a local anesthetic during the process to ensure the pain during the procedure.

2. Root Canal Causes illness

Some people think that getting a root canal puts them at a higher risk for developing heart and kidney disease. This myth might be based on poorly designed equipment used historically for this centuries-old procedure. However, in today’s dental practices, it is clearly not the case as dentists use a variety of precision instruments and procedures to clean the tooth and minimize the risk of related disease.

3. Tooth Extraction is a Good Alternative

A lot of people think that it is better to have your tooth pulled than opt for a root canal treatment. Though it might be cheaper to have your problematic tooth extracted, it’s not good for your health at all. It allows harmful bacteria to enter your bloodstream. Therefore, you should try to save your natural teeth. A root canal is a suitable restoration procedure that helps you preserve your natural teeth.

4. Benefits of Root Canal Therapy are Temporary

The results of root canal therapy are long-lasting. It eases the toothache and preserves the affected tooth. A well-designed and well-fit crown combined with good oral health practices ensures your tooth lasts a lifetime. Besides this, the treatment gives visually appealing results.

5. Root Canal is Not Required If there is No Pain

Some people believe that they need a root canal treatment only if they are experiencing tooth pain. This is not the case, you should consult a dentist who may recommend a root canal if decay is at an early stage, and even when pain is not a symptom yet. Sometimes dead teeth don’t cause any problem, but they need to have a root canal to prevent infection. At Damira Dental Studios, we conduct various tests to confirm if the tooth has died and needs to receive root canal treatment.

Why Choose Damira Dental Studios for Root Canal Treatment

If you’re suffering from tooth decay and not sure whether or not you need root canal treatment, you can contact Damira Dental Studios. Our dentists will find out if your tooth is damaged or has become decayed. Based on the condition, they will suggest the right treatment for you.

To know more about root canal treatment, you can find your nearest practice and contact our friendly reception team.

Talk to our team about how we can improve your smile today.

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