COVID-19 Update

Damira Dental Studios

Freedom Day

From the 19th July in England, the remaining national legal restrictions will be lifted. So we wanted to update you about what can be expected in the coming weeks and months at Damira Dental Studios

Firstly we would like to assure you that our dental practice remains a safe environment to attend for treatment. However we do need to ensure our vulnerable patients are protected.

With this in mind, we will be continuing certain procedures so you can be seen, assessed, and treated without concern for your own safety. 

  • Face coverings must be worn unless medically exempt
  • Social distancing is necessary in the waiting room
  • Pre-appointment health checks

These measures have played an important role in dentistry throughout the pandemic to help protect you, our staff and allowed us to continue to provide emergency dental care for patients most in need.

We cannot thank you enough for your co-operation throughout the pandemic, and we hope to return to normality soon.

We look forward to seeing you at your dental appointment.


NHS Appointments

Due to the increased demand for NHS appointments, patients who have not attended the practice for their regular dental examination for 3 consecutive year may not be able to access our services under the National Health and will be classified as new patients. If you are a new patient you will be charged on a private basis. Please get in touch with us as soon as possible.

All of our practices across the UK are open

We have made some changes in our practices to ensure we can carry on delivering the best dental care possible. The treatments available are safe to carry out, as per the official advice from the Government and Chief Dental Officer of the BDA.

Prioritising patients in need

Due to the high level of dental emergencies we are currently experiencing, we have been advised under NHS guidance that we deliver emergency care as a matter of priority. Therefore, people with the most urgent need of seeing a dentist will be prioritised, particularly those who have been in pain.

Routine appointments

Unfortunately, due to NHS restrictions on the treatment we can provide, we are only able to offer limited routine care right now.

Speak to us if you need support

Please continue to call your local Damira Dental Studio for advice about any dental issues. Our teams are always available to offer you support by phone and will advise when you may be able to be seen if you are in pain.


Due to current Covid restrictions within dentistry, we are unable to use the ultrasonic scaler and can only offer hand scaling. This is explained to every patient when they book their hygiene appointment. 


What to expect at your dental appointment?

Watch our new patient journey video: What to expect at your appointment

If you have an appointment booked or had an appointment cancelled during the lockdown period, you can call to rebook these appointments from January.

Please note the below when you attend your appointments:
  • Please attend the appointment alone unless you need a carer or you are the parent or guardian of the patient.
  • Please check your email before your appointment, and complete the relevant documents on the patient portal.
  • Do not bring heavy coats or valuables as you may be asked to leave belongings outside of the surgery during your appointment.
  • We will ask you to make payment over the telephone when booking your appointment.
  • Toilet facilities will not be available during your visit so please ensure you refrain from drinking too much fluid before you arrive.
  • Upon entrance to the practice one of our nurses will ask you to sanitise your hands and may request you apply a face mask.
  • You will be escorted through the building and asked not to touch anything on your way to the surgery. On entering the surgery, you will be asked to wash your hands.
  • After treatment we will ask you to apply the face mask (if applicable) and escorted out of the building, removing your face mask on exit.


Our Priority

A safe environment where you can be seen, assessed, and treated without concern for your own safety.

Please be reassured that we have very stringent cross infection procedures, so the risk of contracting COVID-19 is highly unlikely.