How Your Smile Can Change Your Life and Why it is Important

A smile is the most effective and pleasant way to communicate how we really feel and who we are. It is an unspoken universal language understood by all.

3 mins read May 20th

The importance of having a nice smile cannot be understated – your smile is ultimately the first impression you make on someone and the quality of your smile has a huge impact on how others perceive you.


Smiling can be an involuntary response when we feel positive emotions like love, and joy. Alongisde this, it can also be an intentional, conscious choice to brighten a dreary day.


Happiness is synonymous with smiling. Smiling not only makes us look more beautiful and attractive but also positively influences all aspects of our lives. Studies have demonstrated the power of a smile

on our overall well-being. Smiling was found to release “happiness hormones” – oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine – valuable in promoting physical, mental, and emotional health.


So, how can your smile change your life?


Smiling Helps You Live a Long Life

As mentioned, when we smile, we release feel-good hormones known to be beneficial to our overall health and well-being. Smiling and being happy generally relieve pain and distress as it triggers our body to produce natural painkillers.


Smiling lowers our blood pressure making our heart healthy and well-functioning. A study conducted by Family Physicians found that smiling boosts our heart function and oxygen consumption, lowering our risk of developing heart diseases.

And not only that, when we smile, we boost our immune system and increase our body’s natural defence against infection, making us more resistant to many kinds of illnesses.

Many people aspire to live long, happy and healthy lives. Smiling more will help you do just that.


Smiling Boosts Positivity

In a stressful situation? Take a breath and just smile.


Regardless if it’s faked or forced, studies have shown that smiling can greatly influence feelings of positivity and optimism.

The simple act of grinning and chuckling sends feel-good signals to your brain, prompting you to feel your best and frame things positively regardless of the situation you are in.

Go ahead and smile to get that cheerful, happy glow both inside and out.


Smiling Builds Confidence

An honest, authentic smile not only makes you feel younger but also demonstrates confidence in yourself and what you are doing. It communicates to the world that

you believe in yourself and that you are happy and strong.


Gleaming white smiles with perfectly straight teeth make a huge difference to your appearance and allow you to carry yourself with the confidence that you not only look great but feel great too.

Smiling is one of the most condusive ways of reinforcing self-confidence through the release of the ‘happiness hormones.’


Someone who smiles gives the impression that they are capable and at ease with what they do.

A perfect white smile gives you the confidence and self-assurance to make better decisions, foster great relationships and attain your career and personal goals.


Smiling Creates Connection

Aside from being genuinely polite, smiling can better our relationship and connection with others. Smiling creates a friendly and likeable atmosphere, consequently attracting others to start and maintain friendship with you.


By simply smiling, you set a friendly tone for conversations, even with strangers. A smile is an international language that can open great possibilities in your relationship with others. If your smile is bright, white and gleaming, you will smile more confidently and make a better impression.

People who smile often are seen to be kinder, happier, and more approachable. This automatically attracts others to you, building a positive and cordial atmosphere for everyone in the room.


Smiling is also contagious. Meaning, a smile is one simple act capable of changing your relationship with everyone around you.

One little smile can do so much in our day-to-day lives. Flash that irresistible smile whenever you can. You’ll notice the difference.

Talk to our team about how we can improve your smile today.

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