Dermal facial fillers

Boost volume, define contours and smooth out wrinkles with our range of facial fillers. 

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Dermal facial fillers help reduce the effect of lines and wrinkles. Giving you younger-looking skin.

Treatment price: from £260

Treatment time: 20-40 minute appointment 

Perfect for:

  • on and around your lips
  • between your eyebrows
  • when you smile (‘nasolabial lines’)
  • on your cheeks

Dermal facial fillers are a popular treatment because the results are immediate: you will leave your appointment with fewer noticeable wrinkles and rejuvenated skin. 

The fillers we use at Damira Dental Studios, typically last between 9-18 months.

Before & after: Lip fillers

Lip enhancement fillers 

Prices from £260 per syringe 

Treatment time: 20 - 40 minute appointment 

  • Defines lips and delivers soft, plump and natural looking lips
  • Designed to plump up lips with increased volume
  • Reduces lines around the mouth
  • Instant results
  • The results can be subtle or dramatic - dependent on patient request 
  • Treatment by doctors with years of experience in dermal fillers

Cheek fillers

Prices from £600 or £13.65 pcm *

Treatment time: 20-40 minute appointment

  • Restores a youthful look
  • Treatment by doctors with years of experience in dermal fillers
  • Long lasting results
  • Natural restoration using hyaluronic acid which naturally occurs in human collagen

8-point Facelift

Prices from £1,000 or £21 pcm*

  • looks and feels very natural
  • enhances the overall shape of the face
  • lifts the structure and dynamics of the face
  • smoothes the skin, reducing lines and wrinkles
  • gives a general brightening effect
  • reduces of dark circles or under-eye hollows
  • offers improvement in the jowl and jawline.
  • helps skin look younger for longer

Interested in facial or lip fillers?

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