Six Month Smiles

A cost-effective, quick and safe way to move your teeth into their optimal position. The average time to get your perfect smile with this treatment is only six months. 

Gently reposition your teeth with the Six Month Smiles fixed-brace solution

If you have gaps, overlapping teeth or crooked front upper or lower teeth, this system can achieve a more even, attractive smile for you. 

  • Perfect for crooked, overlapping or gapped teeth
  • Clear or tooth-coloured, discreet fixed- brace solution
  • Minimal discomfort

Treatment price: from £2,050  or £43.05 pcm *

Treatment time: 4-9 months

Interested in the Six Month Smile solution?

If you are interested in the Six Month Smile solution, find your nearest Damira practice and contact our friendly team to arrange an appointment or to have an informal discussion about the treatment options that may be suitable for you to straighten your teeth.

Your dentist will need to examine your mouth and teeth to be able to give you the most appropriate treatment options and will then provide you with all the information you need to make an informed choice.

Finance Options

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