Dental exams

Regular dental examinations are at the heart of preventive dentistry. At Damira, we can help with that.

Procedure Overview

Procedure Time

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Recuperation Time

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During a dental examination, we will assess your oral health, advise you on the care and treatment you require, in addition to checking for cancer.


You can expect a dentist to do several things during your dental examination appointment:


  • Examine the health of your teeth and gums
  • If necessary, an X-ray of your teeth (please note this will incur an additional charge)
  • Treat any minor problems
  • The dental exam includes evaluating your risk of developing other dental problems and checking your face, neck and mouth for abnormalities.

For more complex issues that require more time, you may be booked for a follow-up, or referred to another specialist.

To find out more about preventative dentistry, click here.

To check if you qualify for NHS dentistry, click here.

Interested in coming to see us?

If you are interested in booking a dental examination, find your nearest Damira practice and contact our friendly team.

If you are in pain, let us know when making your booking and we will do everything we can to arrange an appointment as soon as possible for you.

What to do if you are in pain?

If you are in pain, let us know and we will do everything we can to arrange an emergency appointment as soon as possible for you.

The emergency procedure may vary at each practice, so please read the correct emergency procedure for your nearest Damira Dental practice.

Alternatively you can ring the NHS Emergency Helpline on 111 for further advice.

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